About Us

Our Family

Family Resort in Ao Thalane

Welcome to our family-owned and run resort in Ao Thalane, Krabi. The resort is owned by Peter (left), Oi (right)and their daughter, Aly (in the middle) since 2005.

Oi (full name, Rungtiwa) was born and raised in the north east of Thailand. She moved to Bangkok in 1990 where she spent most of her career there working at the fitness and spa center of the Oriental Hotel. Peter is originally from Perth, Western Australia. Starting as a sporting consultant, he went on to manage a group of fitness centres in Hong Kong before relocating to Bangkok.

Our History

In 1996, Oi and Peter met each other through work in Bangkok. In 1999 they moved together with their jobs to Phuket to continue running spa and fitness centers around the Phuket and Phang Nga regions. When the company they were working for decided to sell the spa business in those regions, Oi and Peter took over ownership and continue to run the centres to this day.

In 2005, they were given the opportunity to buy some land in Ao Thalane, Krabi as a quiet alternative to the hustle and bustle of Phuket. Their daughter, Aly, was born in 2007. Originally the resort was purchased as a holiday home and they even got married there but, because of business and schooling, they continued to be based in Phuket.

As they found they were unable to visit their second home as often as they would have liked, they made the decision to also use it as a resort. In 2017, Melina Resort first opened to the public. Oi, Peter and Aly still continue to visit whenever they get the opportunity and have a private villa of their own on the land. Look out for them especially at weekends and school holidays. They will always greet you with a friendly smile and a warm "Hello".